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Enterprise Level Scanning Intelligent Terminal UROVO DT50 Ex
Professional Scanning Engine
Professional Certification, Reliable Quality

Passed Ex ib IIC T4 Gb explosion-proof certification, can be applied in explosion-proof places, with IP67 industrial protection level, and can easily cope with various complex environments

Excellent Configuration And Performance

The 8-core 2.45GHz high-speed processor paired with the Android 11 system can handle multiple processes simultaneously, ensuring smooth operation

Ultra High Brightness, Fearless of Strong Light

5.7 inch high sensitivity large screen touch, clearly visible under high brightness outdoor strong light

Wi-Fi 6 Ready

New Wi Fi 6 ready wireless network technology, low latency, high speed, large capacity, bringing a smooth communication experience

Professional Code Scanning With High Success Rate

Equipped with a professional scanning engine and millisecond response, it can easily read one-dimensional / two-dimensional / distorted / dirty codes



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