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HYT TC3000G Two Way Radio For Railway Train Dispatching
Emergency Alarm , Security Check


Tc-3000g analog conventional hand-held professional interphone for railway train dispatching is a train dispatching interphone specially customized by hytera for the railway industry, which meets the relevant standards of the Ministry of Railways and the industry. It has advanced voice processing and anti-interference technology, with clear and loud voice, which fully meets the needs of railway users in noisy and strong electromagnetic interference environment. Inverted, working alone and other security functions can escort the safety of users in an emergency. The 60 hour real-time recording and crossing safety warning function can be selected to effectively improve the safety awareness and execution ability of users and ensure the safety of trains and staff. Hytera tc-3000g analog conventional handheld professional interphone for railway train dispatching is the best choice for users in the railway industry.

Dual signaling sending function
According to different relay Tunnelers, the call signaling of mountain stations and locomotives can be set as double signaling transmission through programming software, and the double signaling transmission can be set as simultaneous / time-sharing, sequential / reverse sequence, so as to meet the needs of different railway lines.
Train dispatching / general functions can be set separately for each channel
Train dispatching:
Tc3000g supports scanning between two frequency groups and four frequency groups, and selects the appropriate receiving frequency for each channel. Pressing different call keys on the same channel can realize the same frequency simplex calling station or locomotive, and the different frequency simplex calling station or locomotive.
In the normal mode, the signaling key selection call function can be supported.
Feature sound lock function
Avoid listening to non railway train dispatching signals, improve the efficiency of shunting operation, and ensure the safety of railway communication.
Clear Audio 
The tc3000g is equipped with an extra large 40mm speaker, with a maximum audio output of 1.5W, and can also get clear and loud voice in a noisy environment.
Voice alarm
In case of emergency, the voice alarm information recorded in the interphone can be transmitted, and the alarm voice content can be customized.
Recording function (optional)
Tc3000g can record calls in real time for up to 60 hours.
Multiple security guarantees
Tc3000g has a variety of security functions, such as working alone, safety inspection, inverted (optional) and so on, to protect your life safety.
Built in voice encryption
The unique scrambling technology is used to realize the voice encryption function, so that the interphone that cannot correctly descramble cannot receive the real voice, prevent the call content from being eavesdropped, and ensure the privacy of public safety communication and private safety communication.
Microphone gain flexible setting
Set the microphone gain flexibly according to different use environments, adjust the effective distance between the user and the microphone, and ensure the clarity of the call.
Ultra wide band range
The broadband band of tc3000g fully meets the communication needs of users in different frequency bands.
Work alone
Provide additional security for users who work alone. If the user does not operate the walkie talkie within the set time, the walkie talkie will automatically send out a prompt tone. At this time, you need to press any key to stop the prompt tone to indicate that you are in a safe state; Otherwise, the interphone will alarm automatically.
Channel broadcast
When starting up and switching channels, the interphone will automatically play the current channel number, so that you can easily and accurately understand the current channel.
Battery level indication
Broadcast different numbers to indicate that the battery is full, full, dissatisfied, or low, so as to ensure that users fully understand the battery power during use.
security check
After receiving the safety inspection signal from the control center or other users, the machine will send out a prompt tone. At this time, the user needs to press any key to stop the prompt tone, indicating that the user is working normally and safely; Otherwise, the interphone will alarm automatically.
Emergency alarm
If the user encounters an emergency, press the button with alarm function, and the interphone will send an alarm sound at the maximum volume, or send his ID code / background sound to his companion or the control center.
Mute level adjustment
The user can adjust the squelch level to adjust the signal strength required when receiving the signal.
Whisper function 
Even if you speak in a small voice, the other party can also hear a larger voice.
Inverted function (optional)
If the user encounters a dangerous situation or is in an abnormal working state, causing the walkie talkie to fall over the set time, the walkie talkie will automatically alarm.


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