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Industrial Handheld Positioning Machine BHCnav-S20
Centimeter Level Positioning Accuracy


HD Screen, Sensitive to Touch
1440x720 resolution high-definition screen, exquisite picture quality, full view of every inch of light and shadow details; 500 lumen brightness, visible in the sun

Strong Configuration And Fast Operation
Android 9 is a new system, equipped with eight-core CPU, new fast operation, stronger performance and lower power consumption; 4+64GB memory combination, 128GB storage can be expanded, field data can be loaded safely, and the system runs quickly and smoothly

Low Temperature Resistance And Strong Protection
P68 protection grade, no fear of water splash and dust invasion, 20 "C working temperature, can continue to use, service time is 80% of normal temperature

Centimeter Level Positioning Accuracy
Built-in high-precision board, combined with external four-arm spiral antenna, can achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy. SBAS differential and CORS differential are supported. At the same time, BDS, GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO four-star systems are solved, and any combination of four constellations is supported. The number of search stars is large, and the convergence effect is good

Ultra Portable, Long Battery Life
The screen is only six inches, and the thickness is only 15 mm. The terminal can control it with one hand. 5000mAh large-capacity battery, supporting QC3.0 fast charging, charging for four hours, working all day. The weight is less than 300g. Say goodbye to the heavy carrying experience. It's too light to imagine


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