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Portable Two Way Radio MOTOROLA MAGONE EVX-Z69
Text Message Function

EVX-Z69 is a cost-effective universal digital interphone that supports you with eVerge ™ The powerful digital performance of the walkie-talkie makes the digital upgrade process of your walkie-talkie easier and more economical. eVerge ™ The walkie-talkie is compact and well made, providing you with more functions and higher flexibility to achieve better communication quality


Direct Mode
The direct mode allows you to obtain two call timeslots on one frequency at the same time, thus doubling the call capacity without a repeater.

Recording Function
In both analog and digital modes, you can save the call content and call time. Especially in digital mode, you can also save the ID code of incoming/outgoing calls at the same time. It supports 8 or 250 hours of [optional] recording. Users can easily turn on/off/play/delete the recording function by pressing the button.

Force Insertion Function
At a critical moment, the interphone with priority can interrupt the current call to ensure the priority transmission of important calls.

High Quality Audio Output
Digital interphone has strong anti-interference ability. It can provide clearer call effect, so that you can achieve clear and loud communication in all environments.

Seamless Upgrade From Analog Mode to Digital Mode
Analog and digital adaptive mode. The interphone supports automatic recognition of analog and digital signals. In this way, users can not only communicate with the users of the walkie-talkie that only supports analog mode, but also keep in touch with the users of the new analog/digital dual-mode walkie-talkie.

Power-on Password Setting
The 8-digit power-on password can be set in advance through the programming software, and this function can be enabled. You need to type this password every time you turn on the machine to make the interphone work normally and ensure safe use.

Text Message Function
With the help of pre-programmed or self-edited text messages, users can quickly and easily notify each other in text, thus improving work efficiency. Text messages ensure that users coordinate effectively with team members.

Radio Other Functions

● LCD Chinese display interphone
● 4 programmable buttons
● 512 channel
● High quality audio quality
● Real-time clock


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