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Some Contents of FRS Standard For American Public Interphone
Public Frequency Two Way Radio , FSR

95 、 191 FRS rule 1 -- Qualification and responsibility: it is stipulated that no license is issued and the channel is shared

95 、 192 FRS rule 2 --- approved place: radio service is managed by FCC in any region of the world

95 、 193 FRS rule 3 -- Type of communication: two-way voice communication, which can establish or maintain communication with sub audio continuous single tone below 300Hz. All channels give priority to emergency messages at any time, and are not interconnected with the public exchange network.

95 、 194 FRS Regulation 4 --- Household radio service unit can only use products with wireless walkie talkies approved by FCC Channel frequency of 95 and 627 FRS units: There are two groups: 462MHz and 467MHz. Each FRS unit must keep the frequency tolerance within 0.00025%

95. 631 transmission type: one FRS unit can only transmit the F3E transmission type. In order to establish or maintain microphone communication, non voice transmission is limited to selective call or mute single tone.

95. 633 transmission bandwidth: the approved bandwidth of F3E transmission type transmitted by FRS unit is 12.5KHz.

95. 637 modulation specification: transmitting F3E transmission type. The FRS unit shall not exceed the peak frequency offset of 2.5KHz, and the audio response shall not exceed 3.125KHz

95. 639 Maximum transmitting power: FRS unit shall not exceed 0.5W effective radiation power (ERP) under any modulation condition.

95 、 647 FRS unit transmitter antenna: the antenna of each FRS unit must be an integral part of the transmitter. The antenna should have no gain (compared with the half wave dipole) and be vertically polarized.

95. 649 power supply: FRS unit shall not provide power supply for increasing its transmission power to any level beyond the limit (0.5W) set by 95 and 639.

95. 651 required crystal control: except for R/C radio, FRS unit and LPRS unit transmitting at the frequency of 26~27MHz, all transmitters used for personal radio service shall apply crystal control.


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