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Türkiye Independently Developed Multi Functional Tactical Two Way Radio EHKET
Military Walkie Talkies , Combat Net Radio

EHKET is a small, lightweight, multi frequency, and multifunctional tactical walkie talkie that can meet the most complex sound data video communication needs and is designed to adapt to the most demanding environmental conditions

EHKET can utilize its wide bandwidth waveform characteristics to transmit the required high-resolution images and videos on modern battlefields even in areas without direct line of sight

Advanced electronic warfare security measures enable EHKET to have a high degree of self survival capability. The production of domestic encrypted communication walkie talkies has been delivered to TSK and has started exporting. Through its software based walkie talkie, Türkiye has become one of the few countries in the world that can design, develop and produce autonomous communication systems on land, sea and air platforms


Compared with its international counterparts, EHKET has the characteristics of being lightweight, compact, and cost-effective. The functions of EHKET include a high data rate audio data video communication system, electronic warfare escort, national encryption, high-resolution built-in cameras, lightweight magnesium alloy body, full IP compatibility, and network support structure, which can achieve communication from the most edge units to the command center

EHKET is a software based next-generation tactical handheld walkie talkie designed specifically to meet user voice and high-speed data communication needs in tactical settings. With FM and AM modulation, EHKET handheld walkie talkies have higher survivability in the face of electronic threats compared to traditional walkie talkies in the wide operating frequency range of 30-512 MHz and high-level electronic warfare protection measures

The EHKET handheld walkie talkie has the following characteristics defined by its software structure:
  • Utilizing a single hardware support to communicate between different units using different waveforms in tactical scenarios
  • Can update the waveform on the walkie talkie
  • New waveforms and features can be added

EHKET handheld walkie talkies have the ability to meet strategic and tactical communication needs. Users can switch to the desired communication mode by simply selecting the relevant waveform form from the walkie talkie menu


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